Here is what some of our students and clients have to speak about us:

Jasmini Chandran, Bangalore

Active ImageI have learnt Reiki and crystal healing. It was a great experience while doing the course as well as practicing there after. Power of the mind and meditation plays a great role in letting us lead a balanced and peaceful life.The belief and realisation that we can heal ourselves and others by these methods is almost miraculous.I have learnt a very satisfying art and knowledge and would like to thank Sanskruti Holistic center for the whole experience. The peaceful atmosphere and personal attention that the course provided makes me believe that I can continue to have a permanent association with Sanskruti for my further learning.

Shreyas Rao, Bangalore

I consider it my privilege to have undergone Reiki training from Dr Neelam. The center has profound knowledge on Reiki, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and other practices and is a fantastic teacher. I have practiced Reiki on my family and friends and it has become an invaluable asset in my Life. I look forward to learn other courses from You! Thank You Teacher! I'm now privileged to be part of Sanskruti Trainers list.

Marimooto Kushal, Mauritius

The overall experience of acquiring such holistic knowledge has tremendously propelled my spiritual quest towards a whole new dimension, engulfing my day to day worries and sorrows thus springing a ray of hope. You have protrayed these techniques (Reiki, Crystal Healing, Card Reading) so wonderfully and in such a way that fits in my life streaming amazing end results. Thank you so much for being my teacher.

Alfred Meinsenbach. London

Dr Neelam has compiled a vast amount of information and made it very clear, concise, simple and to the point. She gives you the tools and all the ways to aply this knowledge very effectively. I enjoyed very much learning from her.

Kurt Meinsenbach. London

I am a business person for Europe. I found Sanskruti center's approach and guidance to very understandable and helpful. I look forward to enjoying the inner peace of Reiki in my daily life.

Nadin, Germany
Thank you very much for this very interesting week and for teaching me Reiki and crystal healing. I’ll definitely come back to you for Reiki masters course…

Digijay Vijay Singh, Bangalore

We thank you for giving us this invaluable knowledge on Reiki. After practicing for few days itself we could see many positive changes in ourselves and our environment. Your training on Reiki is very concise and effective. We never thought we could learn such an effective knowledge so fast and with so much of ease.

You are doing a good job for the society, may god bless you.

Mrs. Malti Singh, New Delhi, India
Thanks a lot Dr. Neelam for teaching me Reiki and crystal healing. It was a wonderful experience. Your knowledge and way of teaching was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed your course.

Arshad, Mauritius
I am very thankful for having met such a kind, helpful & dedicated Reiki teacher.. Indeed I believe its destiny & if you get the same opportunity do not let it go by.. You will surely learn much along your path to enlightenment

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