Pregnancy is a wonderful period during a woman’s life. However it also brings enormous physical, hormonal and emotional changes during this period. Aches and pains are common during this period. The changes in the posture cause backaches, neck pain, headache, aching legs and fatigue. Morning sickness, vomiting and nausea are also common during pregnancy.

Reiki is a positive healing energy. It is present in the cosmos but we can use it only after getting the attunement. This technique helps a lot during pregnancy and makes it a wonderful and memorable period.

Reiki helps in the following ways during pregnancy:
1) Relieves from Morning sickness.
2) Reiki promotes relaxation and promotes proper sleep.
3) It relieves the mother of back pain, headaches, neck pain and all small discomforts during pregnancy.
4) It cleanse the body and removes negative congestions from the chakras.
5) Reduces the symptoms of inflammation.
6) It increases energy and vitality.
7) Reiki calms the mother and the child.
8) It prepares the mother physically and emotionally for the delivery.

During labor Reiki is effective in easing pain. It can ease muscular tension and helps in relaxation. It induces easy delivery. It reduces the chances of Caesarean sections.
After delivery the mother can take good care of herself with Reiki. She can even avoid Post partum depression if she regularly practices reiki.

Researches Conducted:
During Pregnancy tests recently conducted at Hartford Hospital on Hartford, Connecticut, USA showed that Mothers who practiced Reiki during pregnancy reduced the Anxiety by 94%, Nausea by 80%, Pain by 78% and Improves sleep by 86%.