Hypnotherapy is a state of altered awareness in which access is available to the sub-conscious mind. The term “hypnosis” is derived from the Greek word meaning “sleep”. During the sleep state we are unaware of what is happening around, while during the hypnotic state the conscious mind is aware of what is going on and simultaneously provides access to the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapists use a series of instructions to bring about a state of trance.

Sanskruti Holistic Center, Bangalore offers 7 therapies in Hypnosis and Past Life regression. The therapy usually involves 2 days treatment with 2.5 hour each day.

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DNA Bangalore - Sunday September 19th, 2010 - by PK Surendran

You are born with the baggage of past lives, and you see those lives in patches till about the age of five, when the critical filter in mind takes in the ambience, and gradually the past is pushed into the subconscious archive.

From this repertoire it is possible to take out strains of a past life and re-script your subconscious mind, thus solving many ills that border on irrationality, so says Dr. Neelam, a leading healer and trainer at the Sanskruti Holistic Centre, Bangalore.

Dr Neelam reinforces the general posture of Past Life Regression (PLR) theory that claims to give you a glimpse of your past life. Startling, she says, is the fact that our conscious mind constitutes of only 10 to 12 per cent and the subconscious takes up the remainder.

Past Life Regression in Bangalore

Reincarnation is the doctrine that says that we evolve spiritually by living a number of life times that is necessary for achieving perfection. The soul never dies and is immortal though our physical body dies. The soul has experienced many life times. When we are born our soul brings with it all the knowledge, wisdom, and karma of previous life times. The qualities that we express are a result of long lineage of previous life times. The memories of previous life times are stored at the soul level and can’t be recalled at the conscious level. The easiest way to discover and experience a past life is undergo a Past life regression session.

Mrs Deepa Pathak (name changed), 34, New Delhi

I went about enquiring about Past Life Regression with much hesitation. I had many doubts in my mind - will I open up a Pandoras Box of issues that I do not need to know, how much control will the hypnotherapist have on me, will I really see anything that would make it better or am I just making it worse for myself by getting involved in this, am I so desperate to be thinking of this route as therapy? Many questions came up holding me back.

I finally mustered to courage to call and chat to Doctor from Sanskruti Holistic center about these issues. Talking with her immediately instilled a quiet confidence in me. I instantly knew that I was speaking to someone who is very well-versed and experienced in the field. I booked my appointment and went in for the therapy.