Reiki Grand master Dr. Neelam takes classes for Reiki I, II, IIIA and IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster / Teacher Levels.

Reiki Training Levels
We at Sanskruti Holistic Center, Bangalore teach all levels of Reiki as part of our Reiki Courses, Overall, there are four levels of Reiki:

Reiki Level I

This is an introductory course of Reiki. This course takes the students through origin and history of Reiki. We also explain you about different levels of Reiki and their benefits. You'll also get a good understanding about different healing points in our body called - Chakras and the diseases due to congestion of Chakras. In addition, we'll brief you about the auras present around the human body and the need for cleansing chakras and auras. We'll also teach you on how to heal yourself and others including a demonstration. This is followed by 30 min self healing session.

Reiki Level II

The second level Reiki course exposes you to the world of Reiki. We teach you various symbols of reiki for making reiki more effective. We also teach you on how to give distant healing to others and making protective pyramid for self and others' protection. You also get to learn healing present, past and the future. In addition, we teach you healing intentions and wishes. You get a introduction to color therapy where we teach you about colors for each chakra. This is followed by 30 min self healing session and/or mini group healing session.

Reiki Level III A

In this level you learn about Reiki Meditation and how how to manifest intentions with Reiki Grid. You'll also get a session on how to become a pure and effective reiki energy source. We teach you how to do Psychic Surgery. We also teach you many additional powerful reiki symbols including Master symbol, Anthakarana symbol and Four non-Reiki symbols. This is followed by Reiki III A attunement and 30 mins self healing session.

Reiki Level IIIB

This is the last and the most powerful level for Reiki healing. In this level we teach you how to attune friends, family and others for different levels of Reiki. You learn how to give healing attunements to others. We also give you four final Reiki symbols. This level also include introduction to Crystal Healing and Reiki Trainers program/course. We also share plenty of real life examples of reiki experience by our students. This is followed by Reiki IIIB attunement and 30 mins self/other healing session.

Reiki Grand Master's Attunement and Teaching Course

This course is long duration course and is taken 1 year after Reiki IIIB couse. One should have attuned several people for Reiki I and Reiki II before taking this course. This course is specifically designed for students who like to take Reiki teaching as a profession. We share step by step methods of teaching all levels of Reiki and provide plenty of teaching techniques. At the end of this course, we test your Reiki knowledge by giving you 30 mins Reiki Test. On successful completion of this course, you get a Reiki Teacher certificate from Sanskruti Center and are eligible to teach others.